Convey-All Grain Handling Conveyors

Perry Equipment is a proud supplier of Convey-All grain handling and farm equipment. Perry Equipment specializes in the distribution of Convey-All paddle belt conveyors, transfer conveyors, surge bins, seed towers and more.

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Truck Load Belted High Capacity Tube Conveyors

Truck Load Belted High Capacity Tube Conveyors

2200 Series

Ideal for commercial operators, the Convey-All® 2200 series is our fastest and heaviest-duty belted conveyor. These conveyors are equipped with a 22’’ Chevron belt in a 14’’ tube, with capacities as fast as 12,000BPH. With our fully loaded Truck Load packages, along with the available Stainless Steel option, the 2200 series is optimal for loading quickly and efficiently, whether using it as a belted grain conveyor or for seed or fertilizer.

1600 Series

The Convey-All® 1600 series conveyor is our most popular line of truck loading conveyors. More than just a portable grain conveyor, the 1600 series can also handle seed and fertilizer with its 16’’ Chevron belt in a 10’’ tube, and capacities up to 9,000BPH.

1200 Series

The 1200 series features a 12’’ belt in a 10’’ tube, standard or collapsible hopper, and is available in a variety of lengths to meet your needs. The 1200 series offers capacities of up to 3,500 BPH.

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Paddle Belt Grain Conveyors

Paddle Belt Grain Conveyors

This paddle belt design gives the operator the ability to greatly increase the angle of operation, while maintaining maximum conveying capacity. This belt design is capable of running the TCP series conveyors ata 40 degree angle, while still boasting4000 bushels per hour.

• Excellent Clean-out Access

• Adjustable 3 Position Hitch

• Enclosed Belt Return EnsuresLong Belt Life

• Smooth, Quiet, Electric Drive

• Superior Quality Construction

• Undercarriage Meets HighwayTransport Regulations

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Grain Transfer Conveyors

Grain Transfer Conveyors

Our high capacity transfer conveyors are well balanced, easy to maneuver and position.We have a longer collapsible hopper for superior containment and better reach.The conveyor comes with a tow package which includes highway tires and a hitch.We offer electric, hydraulic or gas drives.

• Large containment area for easy unloading from bulk trailers and end dump grain bodies.

• Electric or hydraulic drives available.

• 14” diameter tube, 22” wide belt.

• 7” high deck for easy driving over.

• Extra large 12’ long drive-over deck for easier positioning of truck and trailers.

• Containment flaps lay flat for driving on and off, then can be raised to hold unloaded product.

• Comes with highway tires and tow hitch.

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CST Series Commercial Seed Tenders

CST Series Commercial Seed Tenders

CST-1500 Series

Use the CST-1500 year round. Weigh and transport seed to your air seeder in Spring. Receive grain from a combine in Autumn and haul product to the market any time.With a load capacity of 1500 Cubic Feet, and unload rate of2 tons per minute, the CST-1500 is the largest tender on the market.

CST-C Series

These multi-compartment tenders, can be used to transfer various fertilizers and seed(s) in one trip.There is only one set-up required.The time to fill your seeding equipment is greatly reduced.The use of conveyors ensure no seed damage or cross-contamination.

CST-34 Series

The CST-34 Tender Series can be used to fill floaters, fertilizer spreaders, lower air seeder commodity carts and more.Available in four different configurations, this series is designed to mount on your standard 34” truck frame.The multiple compartment design allows you to haul a variety of different products on the same trip. Using the load out conveyor system minimizes the risk of cross-contamination or product damage.

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Surge Bins, Seed Towers, & Underbin Conveyors

Surge Bins, Seed Towers, & Underbin Conveyors

Surge Bins

•Designed to be permanently or temporarily set up most anywhere

•150 bu. capacity or 250 bu. with available side wall extensions

•Adjustable legs allow clearance for seed treater

Seed Towers

• NTEP approved legal for trade in both indoor and outdoor installations.

• Reduces weigh and treating time by over 40%.

• 2000 bu./hr. capacity.

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