Your economical source for your grain cleaning needs! 


Perry Equipment is now a National Dealer for all ISM Grain Cleaning Equipment. 

About our cleaner

  • Our machines are an impeller separating machines(ISM) which means that the commodity is clean,graded and separated by density. 

  • Air flow controlled by a VF Drive stets the rate for the desired commodity to be separated.  

  • Since the ISM only uses air flow there are no screens or other moving components!

  • ISM's are an economical solution for grain cleaning on your operation. 

ISM hemp seed cleaner


  • Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin, and Fusarium Solution.  

  • No Screens, no moving parts, and no maintenance! 

  • Easy to switch from one commodity to another. 

  • Low cost and the lowest power consumption. 

ISM hemp seed cleaner